Why Mexico?

Why Mexico?
To most of my friends and family the idea is either a wonderful idea or a misguided adventure of an old lady who should know better than to run off to some country that is full of danger and bafflement. “Don’t you know that Mexico is full of…. well Mexicans and Banditos”,” don’t you read the the news?”

Well, yes I read the news and it seems no more scary than most places in the U.S.A. . I find the fact that the U.S. is filling its jails and prisons as fast as it can build them to be sign of our times, not a good sign either.

There are many Mexicos, there is a Mexico of legend, geography, climate, history, cinema, culture, drama, and many other classifications. My Mexico is what is in my mind and heart, an ever expanding vision as I learn of her history and culture. Will she fascinate me for ever? Let’s face it when your past sixty your forever is not that long.

Maybe someday I will tire of the church bells and rockets going off at dawn, and the roosters crowing. Until then I will take it as it comes one day at a time and see where this leads me. So far the journey has been very interesting. Learning new things has almost always been a thrill for me, so Mexico is a country full of new things to learn and wonderful people to meet and stories to tell.

First I have to get there.

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2 thoughts on “Why Mexico?

  1. Char

    Hello Julia, having just found you I have been reading backwards to see your ‘why’ ‘how’. This post speaks to me profoundly as I feel the draw as well. Yet, I have been unable to gather the adventurous spirit you have. As you have said there is just so much time, and yet –even now that I do not have the responsibilities keeping me I hesitate. I guess one thing is that I have had this yearning for so long and I have seen changes that hold me back in the last 20+ years. That might be 30 years!
    San Felipe has grown so. Prices increased so. To explore first–Now there are flights from San Diego to San Felipe, but doubt I could do without a car…
    Thought of Oaxaca of which I know little, fleetingly thought of Lake Chapala area, San Miguel—–yet I ache to be near the ocean. You have no idea how you have caused me to ‘get with it’—and yet…………….stumped on where to begin.
    I wish you the very best in every adventure. Wish you a most exciting [in a good way] drive from San Fran to Lake Chapala. I am in Reno–should dates work out-in case you would consider a driving partner–let me know!
    Best wishes,

    • My advice to try a trip for a week or two like testing the waters to see if it still tickles your fancy.

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