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Remember the sixties?

Just by chance one day we found a restaurant that had a sixties theme. We were having breakfast at a small restuarant known for its American style breakfasts when we started talking to a lady about finding clothing. She operates a small boutique in her and her husbands restaurant, her boutique is named Heidi’s Fashions and she makes most of the clothing she sells including a very interesting tie on pants you just have to see.

Both Heidi and her husband are the nicest people very warm, friendly and open. Their restaurant is a little jewel and it serves excellent food and milk shakes that put places north of the border to shame. The music is fun and the decorations bring back lots of memories. So when visiting Ajijic Mexico stop in to their restaurant at Hidalgo 10, Ajijic, just up the street from the bank on the plaza.

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Horses and other animals

I have heard form other sources about the so called abuse of animals in Mexico. I being an animal lover was a bit concerned. Not over wrought just a bit concerned. In my travels about the villages on the south side of Lake Chapala I began to notice animals of all kinds being kept as pets and lovingly taken care of by their Mexican owners.

I would often see a Mexican man and his dog walking, no leash just voice commands and obvious affection between the two. In many shops I entered there were one or more pet dogs of the shop owner lazing about looking for all the world as a spoiled and well loved pets. There are dogs kept as watch dogs on the roofs of some of the houses and businesses and that can seem to be a bit strange to a foreigners eyes. The I remembered there are a lot of junk yards and other business that employ guard dogs in the states, what is the difference? Now and then I would see a stray dog, cats are hard to tell if they are stray or not as they are more independent.

The horses I saw were well cared for and healthy looking all were of the pleasure riding variety. Seems it is not unusual for someone to have horse to ride about town on and they all seem to be well cared for and treated well.

Here in the photo above are two canine companions waiting with the horse for their owner to finish his visit and when he finished he mounted up and without a word quietly rode away with the dogs following happily behind.

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Man on a horse

While visiting Mexico I was fascinated one by the appearance of a man on a horse. Even these days a man on a horse in Mexico is no big deal. Men women and children are riding horses through town everyday even a touristy place like Lake Chapala.

This particular man grabbed my imagination he was riding his horse through town and had this big hat and his boots were…. er, ahh, how should we put it painted gold. Now right there has got to be a story, here is this Hemingway looking gent riding his horse down an old cobblestone street with two compadres following him dragging some sort of paraphernalia making a racket with their white bearded, sombrero wearing leader with the golden shoes on his horse with his dog following the horse.

Oh, how I wanted to run up to him and say something like “you’ve got to tell me your story” or ” who are you are you a character out of a novel?” Thank goodness I didn’t make a fool of myself, in this case, and kept my mouth shut and my memory banks open and recording.

Ya just never know what or who your going to meet in Mexico. I bet he has one Hell of a story to tell 🙂

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What am I looking for in Mexico?

I have asked myself that question several times. I get different answers every time I ask.

Mexico is not all beauty and marvelous sunsets and Mariachis strumming guitars. Mexico is also graffiti on walls, dog shit on sidewalks, people pushing you in line or just cutting in line. It is also poor people, living in terrible conditions without running water or sewers living hand to mouth. Even with this mental picture in my mind there is something about this country that pulls on one’s imagination or (dare I say it) heart strings.

I don’t know if some people are preprogrammed to feel affinity for other cultures or is it a subtle education process that begins early in life and is reinforced by successive experiences that prepare you for a time when you want to experience a place like Mexico a totally foreign place to people north of the border.

The question still remains, what am I looking for? In a way, a new life, a new home different than anything in the past. I feel I must not tarry and get on with this new life as quickly as possible there is only just so much time. I am hoping that this time, in this place, I get the life I always wanted …. what ever that is going to be. To quote a famous movie “life is like a box of chocolates ya never know what your going to get” this time it is Mexican Chocolate.

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