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What have I done?

Today I went to my other class in Spanish language and I arrived early.
I must have gotten the times wrong in my memory and so there I was
in time for a different class. This class was using the Soap Opera style
of instruction and was totally in Spanish with the class playing actors
parts in Spanish. I was asked if I would like to sit in on the class, so I
did and had a good time.
Then it was time for the class in the one I signed up for which is a class
in conversation Spanish also given in Spanish with the students asking
each other questions in Spanish and answering in Spanish.
Phew! From 12:30 to 5:30 solid Spanish instruction.
I don’t know if I can keep this up or not, but I would like to try to do
take all three and see what happens. We shall see.
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What have I done?

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I have returned to Mexico. I have rented a one bedroom apartment near the Warren Hardy Language School in San Miguel Allende Guanajato Mexico. It is nice to be back here in San Miguel and walking the narrow sidewalks shopping at the same stores I have before and listening to the language that hopefully I will one day be able to use.

This is Monday and I just had my first lesson for level three and I am excited; the lesson went well and my partner for the class appears to be amiable. The class is small less then ten persons, so the feeling is rather close and should add to the instruction. I am surprised by what I have remembered and what I have not remembered. I had dinner last night at a restaurant across from the Jardine and while I was eating I could hear the sound of the church bells as the windows were open and it was a warm evening in January. Very pleasing indeed.

I went grocery shopping this morning so that I could have some meals here at the apartment and save time and money. My purpose here is to learn Spanish and I endeavore to keep on target and achieve my goal of speaking Spanish easily and not stumble around and make gross mistakes, a lofty goal, but this is why I am here.
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