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I have adjusted my work load

I felt that taking three classes would be to much so I
dropped the class using the Soap Opera approach. I
liked the idea and the class was interesting, but it
devertated my attention from the other two classes.
Instead I have contracted to have a tutor help me
learn Spanish. We shall see how that goes.
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Dinner and a movie

I got a lucky break Sunday I went out in the evening looking for a place
to have dinner and found a place open that was having a special Dinner
and a Movie for one price. Dinner included wine, dessert and coffee as
well as the maine course. The movie was the 1997 version of Richard
the third, rather pecuilar version sort of art deco Shakespear.

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The firewood man

Saturday afternoon the firewood man showed up at the gate with his two burros and a load of firewood. I bought the load of firewood and took pictures of the man with his burros.

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