Week three

This is the beginning of week three. Last week was frustrating as I was having problems with my remembering the various tenses and spellings of irregular verbs in Spanish. I am studying sixteen of these verbs and find it hard to recall them. Hence the frustration. At first I thought
it was that I was losing my short term memory, a very bad sign, then I recalled incidents through out my life when my memorization was impossible. I told I am a right brain dominate
person and that we learn differently from left brain people. That bit of information does not help me remember anything, but makes me feel better.

This is Sunday and I went out to brunch at Cafe’ Monet a local restaurant and had eggs Benedict with French press coffee served in a delightful dining room, about $6.50. I shared a table with a couple from Southern California that were here for just a few days. They had been here thirteen years ago and were glad to see that San Miguel was still quite similar to how they remembered it. They were taking the home tour today and were in a hurry to get to the Library to get their
tickets for the tour. I hope they had a good time.

I plan to do a little touristy stuff today myself, I will report on that later.

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