Last full day in Mexico

I am getting ready to leave Mexico the van will be here about 8:30 in the morning to take me to the airport in Leon Mexico to catch my plane to Houston. I am ready to go even if I am in armored with San Miguel it is time to go back and take care of business there.

I had breakfast out; eggs Benedict and they were good with French Press coffee and I shared a table with a lady from Connecticut. She has traveled quite a bit and we had a fun time talking about our travels and the adventures that we had in various countries.

I came back to the apartment and started packing my stuff for the trip tomorrow.

The real estate agent sent an email and she has a house for me to look at today so I will go house hunting for an hour or so. I will tell you about it later.
I met with the real estate agent and I got to see a house. This house is just up the street from my apartment and is advertised as a two bedroom one full bath and half bath with living room and dinning room. The house in actuality has a small entry way that leads into the living-room and kitchen. The dining room is off of both the living room and kitchen. Off the dinning room is a stairwell going to the upper levels.
The stair well is open to the sky, on the second level there are two bedrooms and one bath, the bath is entered from one bedroom if someone was to be using the other bedroom they would have to walk through the other bedroom to use the bathroom. There is a spiral iron staircase going to the roof garden and surprise there is a bedroom with bath and storage located there not mentioned in the listing. So during cold and in climate days one has to go out side to go to the bedrooms. That is a big drawback also there is no patio or parking for a car. The location is fine close to everything.
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