Problems at Check Point Leon Airport

I am back in Texas, back to the hum drum life not much exciting going on here. The weather has been almost nice considering what it has been prior to my return. Returning and getting back into my life in the states is always a bit of a shock to the system. The extent of the differences from San Miguel and Texas are profound and many. The pace of life in Texas is faster and more
demanding. However, everything is more convenient.

My trip from Sam Miguel to Leon was almost dull, I did get to listen to some interesting conversation as we traveled toward the airport. Sometimes one shouldn’t listen to closely: afterwards I felt in one way more poor in another way lucky. I don’t get to play with the rich guys, but I get to play in their town and enjoy their amenities sometimes.

Some times knowing a bit of Spanish can almost ruin your day. As I was passing through the x-ray check point there were three people manning the x-ray point two females and a male. For some reason the male took a dislike to me and told the ladies something derogatory about me and to emphasise his dislike he came close to me as I was putting my stuff back in my purse and said it again. I could have done a lot of things all of them may have delayed me and I may have had a problem catching my flight. I fumed a bit but no blood drawn. So beware tall ladies using Leon Airport what is being said to you by security officers may not be complementary.

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