Finding the Mexican Consulate in Dallas

Yesterday we decided that we would visit the Mexican Consulate and get the straight story on what was needed for the FM3 visa for retirees in Mexico. The first task was getting the proper
address. We searched the web and found an address and phone number both turned out to be wrong. We called the Consulate in Houston who also gave us a wrong number. Just by chance Samantha found another address and number, we called that number no answer. Just betting on a hunch today we took off for Dallas early and tried to find the elusive Consulate.

At first I was doubting the GPS as it was following a familiar route to Love Field. I feared we were heading there by mistake caused by the GPS going to sleep on us several times and then coming back to life with directions. But, the GPS was correct we found the building and a parking space and just like Mexico it had its guides trying to induce you to their businesses that help with all sorts of things like copying, photos, auto insurance and other services one might need in dealing with the inner workings of the Mexican Consulate. We succumbed to getting some copies and some photos that we may never use and then found the entrance to the Consulate. After a quick search of our purses and bag we were directed to the visa office for foreigners. There we met with a nice young lady that informed us about the procedure for obtaining an FM3 and clearly stated it would be easier to get one in Mexico than at this office.
So all the searching and digging and we should get it the visa in Mexico. Sigh.

We also had a mission to get the title for our car as we had just bought it two weeks ago and we are uncertain as to if the title will show up before our trip to Mexico. One needs proof of ownership to get permission to take a car into Mexico and that usually is the title. Well, we didn’t get the title. We got a letter from the DMV saying we applied for the title and we are supposed to present that at the border in place of the title unless it does appear before our trip.
I don’t get a warm fuzzy about this, I sure hope the title shows up pronto. Sigh.

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