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Nice day

The dog groomer’s store where we took our shit-zu for a hair
cut and bath.

Next door is the laundry place where we dropped our clothes
off to be washed and folded.

We had several tasks today one was to find the FEDEX office and the DHL office they are located out on the road going by the airport. Figured that somehow we would get lost again, but to our surprise we found both offices and managed to get the information we needed. I was trying to ship medication from Texas but both places said they didn’t do that.

Our next task was to find a place that was recomended for curtians for our windows. Seems that packaged curtians are not readily available here in Merida so they have to be made. We found the store and got a lady who spoke some english to help us as I don’t know many words that have to do with making curtians. It seems they send a man out to do the measuring and later you pick the fabric and they make the curtians and call you when they are ready.

After ording the curtians we went across the street to Bodega a supermarket and did a little shopping. We felt so good we went for lunch at a restuarant. A lovely day we didn’t get lost or frustrated just a good day.

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This is the restuarant we went to one night, from what we hear
this place is famous for its Yucatan food.

The two of us at dinner, we went to a restaurant that serves food of the Yucatan. It was good hard to discribe though, not nearly as spicy as nothern Mexico’s food.
Another view of the restuarant.

Living room furniture as you can see the Siamese cat of ours
seems to like the new furniture.

Another view of our new living room set

Kitchen sink area small but serviceable

Fridge and stove both small just enough to do the job.

These are just some random photos of our first few weeks in Merida some of the house and a resaurant we went to for dinner.

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