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As time goes on

I am settling in here in Merida. I can find my way to the two plazas, the cable company (sometimes) the airport, Fedex, Mega super store, Walmart, Home Depot and Merida Clinic. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? well it isn’t, this city has a lot of one way streets and streets that are two way all of a sudden turn into one way against the direction I am traveling in so that causes me confusion. Also there is a lot of traffic and the use of horns is frequent and annoying. I keep remembering France and the prohibition of horn use in many of the towns and villiages, how wonderful that seems now.
I am planning to apply for my FM-3 rentista visa; a rather buerucratic process of letters, forms, photos, and procedures. One of the letters requires the names of two Mexican citizens with their addresses and phone numbers, some say you need their signetures as well as this information. I don’t kow two Mexicans that would give me that information. I asked my landlord and he brushed me off saying he didn’t understand. Well, he understands just doesn’t want to get involved with Immigration. Who knows what they will do with this information? Also I have recieved conflicting information about whether to apply for an FM-2 or an FM-3. I don’t plan to work here just live here full time. Very frustrating, trying to figure this all out and find my way around the city at the same time. Add that the weather has been very cold for here and I am ill prepared for such cold weather and my frustration level has increased. I suppose it all will work out eventually.
Today I hope to find the local Post Office and mail a letter to my grandson in Marine boot camp, I don’t want him to think that I forgot about him.
Well, I accomplished what I set out to do, I found the Post Office, not without a bit of driving around lost as usual. Now let’s see how long it takes for him to get the letter.

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