The end of the Mexican saga blog?

No, just a pause while we take care of some serious issues here in Texas. While I was enjoying the sights and lovely people of Mexico our home here just east of the Dallas metroplex was enduring the winter of a lifetime. The pipes froze and burst causing problems. I have spent the past few days crawling under the house, a ground set double wide manufactured home. Each time I think I have the pipes fixed and turn on on the water the water lines burst somewhere else, as if crawling through freezing cold mud and pooled water laced with fallen debris of insulation and God only knows what else is under the house the pipes keep breaking again and again.

So far the pipes are not working and I am waiting for the weather to warm up a bit and the standing water under the house to drain a bit ( ya like that is going to happen). Actually I ran out of work clothes and had to make a trip to the Laundromat and wash clothes.

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate and I will get the water pipes fixed. Oh, I forgot the reason why I am fixing the pipes and crawling on my old belly in the mud and crap is that I don’t want to pay $130 hour for someone else to do it for me. Yes, I am a cheap old bitch :))

I have been able to refresh my knowledge of four letter words in English. Good old Anglo Saxon phrases to release pent up frustration and aggression. Seems stupid to be hollering such things while laying in a pool of mud and crap under an old mobile home while freezing my ass off, somehow it seems to help, a little.

The second reason for returning north is I am taking some special medication for a heart condition and two of the meds are not available in Mexico. Having my sister schlep the meds to me in Mexico is an expensive and uncertain way to do business. The best solution, for now, is to move somewhere closer to the northern border of Mexico so I can drive out on occasion and replenish my supply of medication and pay a visit to my cardiologist while there if needed.

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2 thoughts on “The end of the Mexican saga blog?

  1. Kay Julia,Take a look at Soto la Marina. I love it there and it is not far into Mexico… just a couple of hours. They are building a big resort at the beach near there too. Soto la Marina, Tamaulipas, is my second choice after Merida. Third choice is a little town called China, in Nuevo Leon – just about an hour and a half into Mexico.

  2. Thank you for the information. Nice to know about these areas. Mexico is an interesting place lots of places to visit.

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