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New Plan

Those that know me know I change my mind often. So after thinking about it I decided to wait on going to San Miguel and concentrate on going to someplace I haven’t been and that I could go in my RV. My first choice would be the Baja. I have heard that RV’rs love going there and there is a lot of beach to walk the dogs and lots of seafood to enjoy. Sounds like a good idea anybody been there? My only concern is getting past the border areas safely seems all border areas are dangerous these days.

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Bug is almost gone

The bug that laid me low is almost gone and what a relief that is not to feel ill so much. I was getting concerned as the second day of taking the medication I felt a lot worse, but as the days wore on I felt better and better. Thank goodness for good medications they have kept me alive and healthy for decades ….

I am getting more and more crotchety as time goes by; I was emailing back and forth with a gentleman in San Miguel about renting his small house and he was getting fussy about me not having someone to look the house over before I got there and made me feel as though I was at risk for taking it and further more he was very busy. Hmmm, I said to myself, if he thinks it’s best for me to have someone check the place out before I get there maybe there is something wrong with the house. I don’t know what to think so I nixed the deal. Besides I have a nice old RV and can visit Mexico in it if I want to.

The weather here in Texas has turned cold and I don’t care for that, (told you I was getting crotchety)now the heater in the house is acting up. Isn’t that the way it is just when you need something it decides to cause trouble by not working properly. Just another PIA to deal with nothing to get my knickers in a bunch about…..

I checked out the old RV today, I started the engine and I think I disappointed the fur kids, I think they thought we were going on a trip. We will kids one day we will pull out of here and be on the road again to places you haven’t peed on, LOL.

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