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Strange-dreaming in Spanish this morning !

Rain, Rainy weather

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Early this morning as the rain was hitting the roof of my RV I was in that in-between state of being asleep-dreaming-awaking and I was conversing in my head in both English and Spanish. I have no idea if my word combinations were correct in Spanish, but I thought I was making sense talking about the rain and how to say it is raining and that I was waking-up and playing with word combinations and working verb conjugations. All this before my first cup of coffee in the morning ! Either I have been studying to much or the studying has begun to take hold ( I wish). I have heard of folks dreaming in their new language as some sort of milestone, I hope that is so with me, this would please me very much.

If nothing else, this morning’s event has me eager to continue on with my Spanish lessons hopefully to increase my abilities to dream in Spanish without the use of English.

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