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What a day thursday was

The sun came up nice and bright looked like it was going to be a nice warm day-then the wind started and hasn’t stopped blowing. The wind made it feel cold here even though the sun was shining brightly.

The real estate agent came here to the RV park and picked me up and we went to view some listings. We visited several listing that I was interested in; the first was a cottage that looked as though it were made for Cape Cod the owner wouldn’t shut up and kept running Mexico down at every turn the whole visit turned into a bummer and gave me a headache. The second place was a lot with electric service and a septic installed. We talked to the lady next door and she was a wealth of information about the neighborhood and the builder of their house. The next listing was of a double wide, not my favorite type of house. from the moment I entered the house I knew something was not right the floor was not level and the tiles all over the house were coming up off of the sub-flooring and there was water stains on the wall in the living room and right in the middle of the work island in the kitchen was a puddle of water! I scratched that off my list right there. Then we hunted down a lot with a small building, septic and water tank. After discussing the cost of purchasing the property I crossed that of the list as the closing costs and bank trust would cost around $7,000 for a $10,000 piece of property I was not happy with that price. So I went back to the lot and had a look at it and thought it over as to what I could do with the lot. The closing costs are negligible but I would only be leasing the property not owning, then again I wouldn’t be paying for a bank trust every year either. Most of the neighbors have been there for a decade or more and seemed quite happy with the place and we are only a few streets from the beach 🙂

So I asked my agent to contact the seller and see what he would take for the lot. It was already advertised at $7,000 but it looked like the sign had been there for a long time so maybe the owner was ready to deal. We shall see. So now I wait and see what the Real Estate agent finds out about the lot and what the ifs ands and buts are with buying it. I have, in my mind’s eye started planning ways to develop the lot so I can put my RV on it; connect to the septic and electric and put in a fresh water tank. Then put in a large palapa a Mexican sunshade made from palm fonds to give an outside place to get out of the sun and to do food preparation/dining entertaining. This supposedly an inexpensive outside living area-all pipe dreams right now.

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I San Felipe and the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of Cali...

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I am in San Felipe Mexico in the Baja about 150 miles south of the border. It is a small town with two industries Tourists and Fishing. Fishing is doing well tourists not so much.

I like it here, it is small enough to be friendly big enough to have most of the services you need. Right on the Sea of Cortez with lots of beaches to walk with my dog Shelby who loves to roll in the sand. I like it so much I am spending the winter here and looking to buying into an RV camp so I will have my own RV site that I can develop to my taste and budget.

So here we are in Mexico at the beach having a good time 😀

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