Christmas Day

Dawn San Felipe

Last night my dog Shelby was sick and needed to go outside several times. So, I was up later and more often than usual. While I was up and outside the explosions from the fire works was obvious not as many as in other places in Mexico, but enough good bangers to  make it an occasion. The sky was crystal clear and the stars were out making the scene almost like a painting. The tide came in very high last night within 10 meters or less of my rig.

Today the residents are having a feast fried turkey and the trimmings; I won’t be partaking in eating as all of it is either animal or has animal products in it. so I have been staying away from temptation. I did contribute some items for the feast as a good neighbor should.

I loaded SKYPE onto my computer today and it seems to work. All I need now is someone to call or call me and I’ll know that it works. If Skype works horray for technology 😀

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. I’m so sorry Shelby is not feeling well; I hope she is better very soon. I wish I had Skype I would call you! But with my rotten internet connection I don’t know if I could even do Skype. (Yes, here at my sticks-and-bricks home I have horrible internet; maybe I should hit the road and I’d find better connection!). How is the internet connection where you are?

  2. I think Shelby is feeling better than last night she might have eaten something that didn’t agree with her tummy.

    The internet connection here is iffy one never knows if it will work or drop you unexpectedly. I think the system has to be upgraded to more band width JMHO.

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