Beautiful Day here In SF


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Another great day with lots of sunshine and little wind made for a pleasant day I even wore shorts 🙂 This is unusual because it has been cold here, although with the Canadians they don’t seem to mind it so much as I do, they usually wear shorts and tee shirt even when I am shivering. Off the beach about a hundred meters this morning were dolphins they looked like they were hunting fish. They were moving from the north to the south. I was wishing that I was closer to get a picture of them but they were to far away for my camera to get a good photo

I got a lot of housekeeping stuff done today sorting out my food and re-storing the can goods so I don’t have to do a hunt and seek operation to find something. I also defrosted the fridge-I had been planning to do that for a while and just never got ambitious enough to actually do the job. It doesn’t take that long to do and it needs to be done to keep the fridge running efficiently.

I made my version of fried rice and peppers today for lunch and it came out very good had just enough left over for another meal. Tonights dinner will be boiled potatoes and carrots with cabbage and corn tortillas. I have some yellow corn tortillas that need to be used up so I’ll put them in with the boiling vegetables and that will add another flavor to the dish sort of like tortilla soup without the beans. The corn tortillas are very versatile I use them frequently and they have less lard or none if get the right ones. Corn tortillas and beans will keep you alive add avacado to the filling and what ever you have will be a rich meal indeed.

I got an email from my real estate agent this morning about the lot I am buying saying the owner of the campo was still out of town and not due to return till after new years. I don’t know if the deal will go through until the owner comes back or if he has someone that can do the paper work in his stead. I suppose it all will work out in the end. I am thinking about the things that have to be done to the lot to make it usable and the list is growing, I’ll write out a list of things to be done tonight and see how it looks to me.

Late this afternoon it got a overcast and cooled off-not as nice as this morning. Social hour was less well attended tonight than in the past I guess folks had other things to do.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Day here In SF

  1. I am so anxious to find out about the lot; this is such an exciting step for you! I am so proud and excited for you – you are such an inspiration!

  2. I’ve got to admit I am a little nervous about this adventure I just hope it all turns out okay and I don’t go broke making an RV camp.

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