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Meeting with the construction man

I had a meeting this evening with the construction man and he and the owner where at the meeting and we had what I think is a fruitful meeting. The construction man’s name is Manuel Pacheco and he is going to pick me up here at the RV park tomorrow morning and we are going together to the lot to check things out and compare notes. Then to the camp office for a letter that we will take to the Mexican electric commission (CFE) to get a new meter installed; of course I pay for that. Then we will look at a truck for sale near the electric office then we take me back to the park. Mr. Pacheco seems to think he can have me in the lot in few days I think it will be a few weeks as the electric company may have a different schedule. We talked about sewer lines, electric lines, water tanks, water pumps and gravel. so who knows how long that will all take and I want a palapa built also so that all could take a while.

It will be interesting to see how all this comes together. I did get to see the restaurant at the camp in action this evening and they had some customers coming in for dinner and they looked like they had been there before and were looking forward to their dinners. I’ll try them out one day and see what they have that I can eat.

Many of the homes had lights around their gardens and walls this evening and one we could see a christmas tree all lit up and it looked very nice. Others had lights around their garden walls and under their palapas. I think the neighborhood looked better at night than the daytime. 😀

Camp restaurant and bar

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Making progress

I have had a hard time posting because the wifi here at the RV camp is not letting me stay on long enough to make a post or upload photos. I think it is because the equipment isn’t up to the task. So, I am awake at 3:30 in the morning and “viola”! I am on the internet 😀

I have been deep in into the procedure to acquire a permanent place here in San Felipe. Yesterday I met with the owner of Pete‘s Camp with my real estate agent and we discussed many issues. There are over 250 residential units and home owners association is an active organization, they have their own fire department, trash pick-up, plans for city potable water and there are land lines to every lot for telephone and electric-there is also available through the telephone company hard line internet connection (Yea!). I have already gotten through the owner a man to clear the lot of the sticky plants and the trailer is to moved too! I also got the scoop on the rules only three rules; no cactus fences, no water tanks on the roofs, and set backs are to be three feet/one meter from the lot line. I also got the name of a trusted builder recommended by the owner and the neighbors to do the construction of any kind on the lot.

I also met another neighbor, Yolanda, who is the sister-in-law of the owner she lives two lots down from me and works at the camp restaurant. I also met the owner’s wife she runs the kitchen. Another relative runs the office here in S.F. and two others run the office in the states.

I may have a lead on a car here one of the neighbors has an older two door jeep for sale and my neighbors are contacting him for particulars about it and I’ll get more information tomorrow, maybe.

So things are moving on by fits and starts, but moving on now to get the construction (Manuel) to put in the connections for electric and water system then I can move onto the lot, and figure what to do for a permanent residence there with a regular bath, kitchen etc. Lots of plans swirling in my head of course there will be obstacles to overcome but what fun doing that 🙂





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