Meeting with the construction man

I had a meeting this evening with the construction man and he and the owner where at the meeting and we had what I think is a fruitful meeting. The construction man’s name is Manuel Pacheco and he is going to pick me up here at the RV park tomorrow morning and we are going together to the lot to check things out and compare notes. Then to the camp office for a letter that we will take to the Mexican electric commission (CFE) to get a new meter installed; of course I pay for that. Then we will look at a truck for sale near the electric office then we take me back to the park. Mr. Pacheco seems to think he can have me in the lot in few days I think it will be a few weeks as the electric company may have a different schedule. We talked about sewer lines, electric lines, water tanks, water pumps and gravel. so who knows how long that will all take and I want a palapa built also so that all could take a while.

It will be interesting to see how all this comes together. I did get to see the restaurant at the camp in action this evening and they had some customers coming in for dinner and they looked like they had been there before and were looking forward to their dinners. I’ll try them out one day and see what they have that I can eat.

Many of the homes had lights around their gardens and walls this evening and one we could see a christmas tree all lit up and it looked very nice. Others had lights around their garden walls and under their palapas. I think the neighborhood looked better at night than the daytime. 😀

Camp restaurant and bar

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4 thoughts on “Meeting with the construction man

  1. How exciting, Julia, I feel as though I am right there with you in this adventure! Please refresh my memory on what a palapa is? (I will look in past posts as well). How wonderful to have your very own place there in Mexico! I look forward to following as this unfolds!

  2. Monique

    Sigh, these pictures are all making us say bad words about you while you are at the ocean and we are in snow….lol.

    • Aw, bad words ? Sheesh I haven’t even talked about the food and happy hours or my shopping here yet …. hehehe

  3. A palapa looks like a tree trunk with a thatched roof, one sees them on the beaches to give shade very common on the coast and in hot climes. I’ll post a photo soon of a “Palapa”.

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