Making progress (I think)

Today I thought I might get something accomplished; I went to the telephone company to ask for service so I could get internet and was told I need two recommendations  from my neighbors and I needed an electric bill or a copy of my contract for electric at my address. I went to the electric company and they said I needed the meter number. I then went to Pete’s camp and got the meter number and even took a photo of the meter. Then I found two neighbors who wrote notes of recommendation, then I went to the office and got a letter that said I was living there. By then it was time to go to the DMV and meet my mechanic to take the test and get my license and change the vehicle registration over to my name. The mechanic was late, very late and the man behind the service window came out and had me sit at his window while he started inputing information for my license in the computer. He had just about finished doing that and I had just handed over the money for the license when my mechanic showed up just in time to help me take the test on the computer. He helped me with the test-we passed the test and he left. I got to take a road test and I passed that then I had to pay for the new plates for the car and it was expensive. I also received my new provisional license and the photo wasn’t even bad. I went back to the electric company with my information on the meter number and they were closed so that was all I got done today.

Tomorrow I will try and get the telephone business taken care of, change the car insurance into my name and find the TV dish company and see what they need for me to get TV reception at my new RV site. So tomorrow may be amusing as well. I celebrated tonight with dinner out and had Chiles Rellenos at a local restaurant they were excellent. So ends my day; the wind picked up from the east this evening cooling things off, I had to wear a jacket to go to dinner tonight.

fishermen Pushing their boat into the water

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2 thoughts on “Making progress (I think)

  1. Hmmm. It all sounds like things you have done several times over the years. LOL Enjoy yourself.

  2. Yes, there is a little deja vu feeling to it all. 🙂 although the driver’s license thing is a new experience and I am so glad I had help with the test.

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