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The building has started

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The construction has started on my little house here in San Felipe. After many meetings and discussions about what to build and how much to spend I gave the go ahead and the job started yesterday. After two days we have brought in five or six loads of dirt, laid out the lines for the house, leveled the building site and dug the trenches for the footings and brought in equipment to mix the cement. I was a bit concerned that the house was not lined up with the road and after discussion with my neighbor who informed me all the lots on this road and possibly the whole Camp are irregular shaped I accepted the location of the house. After the house is built and a wall is built around it the angle of the house won’t matter much.

I also got satellite TV today and I previewed the channels and half or more could be removed especially the religious channels and sports channels ! I am looking forward to PBS and the Animal channels. I am still working on getting the telephone installed maybe next week then again who knows.

I also went to the swap meet today which isn’t to far away from where I live. One of my neighbor’s sells jams and decorated gourds there every saturday. I walked around and noted who sells what and found some furniture makers selling their wares. I also found that some sell plants, trees, bushes and soil for the garden there. I received a gift of plants from the neighbors so now I have to get a pot and soil for the flowers, they are petunias and they look lovely at their house.

So far things are going well here hopefully it will continue to do so.

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