I got telephone and internet today

The telephone man showed up today and within minutes I had telephone and internet service. The hook-up is only temporary as when the house is finished I’ll have the telephone and internet line moved to the casita. So far the internet has been very good much to my pleasure no more frustrating waits and getting dropped from the connection and I don’t have to go anywhere for connection to the internet. I haven’t used the telephone yet as I don’t have a phone, I will buy one soon as I find one I like.

Now I have most of the services of a residence; electricity, water, sewer, satellite TV, Telephone and internet. The only thing missing is mail delivery and that just doesn’t happen here.

Cloudy and cool day today the workers were working hard all day. I think that there is one more row of blocks up for the casita and the beginnings of the pillars for the arches on the porch, more pipes and some of the electrical outlets have been cut into the blocks and a lot of cement has been poured into the voids of the blocks where rebar was sticking through. At this point, there are four rows of blocks and horizontal rebar has been added to give more strength to the structure laterally. It is rumored that the roof pour may be at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week ! It appears that the work is progressing well. Some of my RV friends are surprised at the speed of the construction. I think I got lucky and found a builder who didn’t have any other projects going and workers who are productive.

It has begun to rain tonight, I hear it on the roof of the RV-for a place that is is so dry we sure have had our showers this winter ! The saying here is “it doesn’t rain here” I think it must be a inside joke because since I have been here it has rained five or six times not a lot but it does get the ground wet at least for a while.

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One thought on “I got telephone and internet today

  1. Dayton

    Progress, nothing like it. Glad to hear you are getting the project underway.

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