Still building the casita

So far this past week the building has been going well the walls are up to 8′ now and the electrical wire has ben pulled to the outlet boxes in most of the house. Maybe by the end of this week or the beginning of next week the forms will be set for the roof. So things are going well.

I got internet on tuesday; I used it wednesday and part of thursday and then it quit working. I have phone service but no internet-the telephone company said they would send someone out to check on it for me but who knows when that will happen. So, it is back to using the internet at the restaurant until the internet service at my RV works again. I went to three interesting things this weekend the first was the swap meet where I bought a blouse and some fresh vegetables and a hardware store where I got a water hose for the RV repaired and found that they have a very interesting inventory of there. I bought a shovel and a fly trap, so far the fly trap hasn’t caught one damn fly 😦 maybe later after the bait stinks enough it will catch a fly or two….maybe.

I have employed a young lady to help me with my spanish speaking ability she seems to take her work seriously. We had our first meeting yesterday and today will be our second meeting. I have home work; I have to tell her what I did today in spanish using the past tense. This ought to be interesting !

I’ll post some photos later as I forgot to bring the wire to connect the camera with the computer to the restaurant with me.

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