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Work on the roof

The work on the roof has begun the cross beams are in place as are most of the 6″ slabs of foam insulation. Later this week (maybe) the cement will be poured forming the roof. The roof will have lots of rebar and other metal to give it strength. Allegedly we can have a party up there if we wanted to.

This is Carnival time in Mexico and the workers are distracted as they have parties and kids in the parades and this is the last week to drink as most of the men give up alcohol for lent. At least that is their story. By the time Easter week comes they are thirsty and nothing gets done then. The local parades are interesting as every little kid in town must be in a dance group and parading with music provided by portable disco equipment on trucks decorated for the occasion. Seems like the kids are having a good time.

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I have had three sessions with my Spanish tutor and I have a lot to learn or re-learn and I have homework too 🙂 Hopefully I will learn enough to get out of the beginner mode and on to a more functional level of Spanish. I can hope,,, right?

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