Tax business

One can travel as far as one wants, but the IRS wants its cut of your money. I spent most of yesterday and today filling out my tax forms. I used Turbo Tax and I had entered something wrong and the refund was huge. I spent a lot of time trying to find the advertised assistance, when I found the link for the much vaunted assistance they couldn’t figure out what was wrong either. I then asked to start over and they told me how to do that and once I started over things went smoothly-or as smoothly as they go for me using tax software. So the taxes are done for another year and lucky for me I didn’t have to pay this year, who knows about next year !

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2 thoughts on “Tax business

  1. I’m really curious about your new house. I love the arches! I hope you will continue to post photos. You are such a DOer! Love hearing about your daily life. I so glad you are doing what you want where you want.

  2. I have followed your travels and love to hear about your fur kids. I will have a lot more photos to post as the construction goes on. Contrary to tales I have heard my building experience has been stimulating and on occasion fun. I believe in packing in as much as one can into one life so I have done a lot of different things in various places as possible. I like a little adventure/challenge in my life. Just sitt’n and knit’n doesn’t do it for me 🙂

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