Building a house in Mexico, lots of things done this week

The builders are getting into the finnishing stages of building the Casa lots of painting done trim paint being put on, tile floor instal started, spiral stairs to the roof installed, steel cover on the grey water tank installed, fans installed, lights installed, windows installed. Still lots of work to be done; kitchen cabinets installed, bath finished and plumbing fixtures installed, A/C installed and roof sealed. Lots of minor things like switch covers and such. Also more dirt has to be brought in to level the lot.

We are getting closer to the end of this project and soon (a few weeks) things will be done. Then I get to furnish the place.

Here are some photos of the progress so far.

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6 thoughts on “Building a house in Mexico, lots of things done this week

  1. Hi I am Sharon. I read Sue and the crew blogs every day. I have been reading yours for about a month. Your house is coming along great! You got a lot of work done in such a short time. It will be beautiful! Enjoy! Sharon from Florida

  2. Thanks for your comment it is nice to know someone is reading my blog. I hope all is well in Florida 🙂

  3. Barbara Goodman

    I agree with Sharon IT’S BEAUTIFUL, really can’t wait to see what you do inside, then the outside landscaping, very exciting. How’s the weather ? I’m in Washington we only get rain !!!

    • Dayton

      Progress…always takes longer and costs more…
      Furniture choices are limited in SF. Mexicali? If NOB, are you hit with an import tax?

      • Yes, either way one pays. With such a small house I won’t be buying a lot of furniture which is a savings in its self.

    • The weather is fine; sunny with a strong breeze from the northeast temperature about 70 degrees that may get as high as 79 today but with the breeze it will be hardly noticeable. We are almost always dry here except for the few rainy days that ocurred this winter where we received about 2″ of rain total. Last night it got down to 56 degrees here at the casa, which made for a lovely night to sleep and before bed I went up on the roof to watch the stars and fire works on the beach.

      By the end of the month it should be getting hotter and more humid. 🙂

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