Easter weekend

The campers have been arriving daily and are zooming around on their four-wheelers and other toys having a good time and the nightly fireworks are a joy to the boys and girls. Holy week, or Santa Samana, is a big vacation time at the beaches and towns near them as thousands of families take a few days off and have fun at the beach. Monday it will be all over and the fun seekers will be headed back home to their usual routine and we will be left to enjoy the quiet and solitude of the beach community, that is those that are left. People have been heading north this past week, my neighbors who are Canadian left last wednesday and all the folks I knew at the RV park are gone they wanted to leave before the crowds of fun seekers arrived, they won’t be back till next fall.


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7 thoughts on “Easter weekend

  1. What a beautiful home, Julia! I am so happy for you, to see your dreams come true!

  2. Dayton

    I’m really liking the job you’ve had done.
    There’s a book, Roof Gardens of Mexico, by Antonio Haas. Not sure it’s still in print. But, great inspiration. Not sure if SP has a library.
    Lots of neat containers available though..

    • Thanks for the tip I’ll look up that author and see what I can find. I do want plants up on the roof garden.

  3. sandee and Phil

    WOW- what progress since we left in early March- can’t wait to see the finished casa when we return for our snow bird season!!!!! Bet you are thrilled with the outcome- good job Kay!!!!!

    • Yes I am thrilled this becoming my home and I am planning on where to plant the trees and shrubs now and I am ithcing to get to that stage where I start putting my own personal touches this place. How are you two doing?

  4. sandee and Phil

    We are good- weather has turned into winter when we arrive home- go figure!!! Anyway keeping busy with company catching up on being gone over 3 months watching and loving spring coming to life- going down to the bay area today for Easter with family- and look at you, turning into a gardener!!!!!!!

  5. Your new home is stunning! I had no idea it was going to turn out so beautiful. I love the stairs to the roof, the veranda, all of it . . . The light fixtures add so much to the beauty. Enjoy!

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