Easter is over

I expected the workers to show up today, seems I have been disappointed no one showed until after lunch and they picked up some tools and left. So now work on the house today. I surmise that there is another project going on and that has priority over this project which leaves me wondering when the workers will return. I am told this goes on all the time here, some of it is cultural some of it is miscommunication, and some of it is they don’t feel like working on your project at the moment because they know you don’t have much recourse. To say the least I am feeling used; if they weren’t going to work today come by or call and say so, but they would rather ignore me instead……. grrrrr

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2 thoughts on “Easter is over

  1. Dayton

    You are so right. All of the above are partly true. The result is the same. And imho, yes you are being used.


  2. I should add that I was in a mood today because of an issue over the weekend that wasn’t resolved to my satisfaction leaving me angry and depressed then I get blown off by the “guys”. I’ll get over it and move on….

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