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While Waiting

While waiting for the cabinets to be finished and installed the crew is building the front wall and gates. The footings got poured yesterday and some rebar is in place. Before all that happened the lot had to be measured by the camp owner who was concerned that the lot lessees were encroaching on each other’s lots. So there was this thing with the long tape measure and moving the stakes around to make him happy. seems my neighbors are off by two and half feet into the road, of course I won’t be allowed to do that. Why is it they always want to enforce the rules when I show up? I almost expect somebody to crack open the rule book as soon as I move in and no matter what someone else got away with the rule Nazis will make darn sure I don’t get away with it.

Oh well I only lost a a couple of feet on on the road side of the lot and gained 6 inches on the north side of the lot so Ppppffft who cares? If I took this stuff to seriously I would go nuts, er more nuts than I am now anyway 🙂 I still get 22×22 meters so I haven’t lost anything I paid for grumble, grumble.

Here are some photos of the construction.

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