The gates are on and the iron work is up

The iron workers showed up today and installed the gates and iron fencing on the front wall. I think it looks great so here are some photos of the new iron work on the wall.


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4 thoughts on “The gates are on and the iron work is up

  1. Looks like you are back to being a stick and brick person and gone is the road gypsy …..

  2. I will be using this place as a home base and my travels will be less for the time being. But like most plans in my life plans are written in Jello. 🙂

  3. Barbara Goodman

    It’s looking just beautiful, hope you make many happy times there, keep the pictures coming. How’s the weather ? Looks hot 😉 Love that heat I do, Washington is WET like always,me for one can’t wait to get out of here, SOOOOOON….

    • The weather yesterday was gorgous today it is hot very hot the weather guessers say it will be hot for a couple of days and then cool down to the 80’s. I have great A/C and ceiling fans so I’m comfortable 🙂

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