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My Medical Experience in San Felipe Mexico

Last week I fell in my house, I got tangled in the telephone cord, and got a serious thump. It hurt like hell. My right knee and right arm took the brunt of the fall and it knocked the wind out of my sails for a while. I hobbled around for days waiting for things to get better. The knee feels like it is getting better there is less pain and I can sort of slowly use steps, I thought my arm was getting better as the strength in my hand had improved but the pain hadn’t improved. Last night the pain was so annoying that I didn’t get much sleep. This morning I went to the local clinic and saw a doctor about this problem.

The clinic is a modern looking facility and as clean or cleaner than someplaces I have been in the states. After having been greeted and filling out a basic form I was escorted to an exam room and in less than five minutes I was talking to a doctor about my problem arm. After having examined my range of motion he sent me with the nurse to get an x-ray in another part of the building and three X-rays were taken of my arm and elbow. Back to the doctor who showed me that I hadn’t fractured anything but had dislocated the elbow which was causing pain in my arm. He prescribe medication and exercises to do after giving the medication time to work to bring down the inflammation. He then asked if I had any other problems and I mentioned my urinary problems and he examined me and said he thought I was retaining fluid and prescribe a med to help with that.

So what did a doctor’s visit and three X-rays cost ? About $69..00 and I got to keep my X-rays incase I wanted to get a second opinion. My medication cost about $50.00 which is a little high in Mexico. The whole procedure from beginning¬† to end took an hour. The good news is nothing is broken I will recover, and it didn’t cost a fortune.

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