Trip to Calexico CA

From time to time I will be taking a trip to Calexico CA to do some shopping and banking. Yesterday was one of those trips. I departed as early as possible and was on the road to Mexicali the city across the border from Calexico the first stop is the military check point about 30 kilometers north of San Felipe. This military check point is where you and your vehicle are checked out by Mexican soldiers. They are always polite and quick about doing their job. Only on holidays is the wait time long.

Once through the military check point it was clear driving until I got to my first of many detours, the road to Mexicali is being repaired and widened and new culverts are being installed so the builders have constructed by-pass roads into the desert to go around the construction. I counted four of these by-pass detours and some were quite long over a couple of miles and some had soft spots of sand in the road, but I didn’t lose traction and only had an issue with the dust and rocks being thrown up by other vehicles passing me on the way to San Felipe. Once through the multiple construction zones it was an easy drive into Mexicali.

I found the street to the border crossing station rather easily, much to my surprise, and then the wait started. One has a choice of two lanes if you don’t have a border pass (Sentri Pass). So one creeps along, stopping frequently and waiting for the traffic to move until one gets to the actual border crossing point. There your vehicle and documents are checked, after answering a few question your either sent to further inspection or sent on your way. I was sent on my way. I noticed the Sentri Lane was a whole lot faster, I have to look into getting one of those passes it would save a lot of time.

When I left San Felipe I didn’t take the time for breakfast and I was hungry so I stopped at Denny’s for something to eat. Denny’s is at the same intersection as Walmart so it is very convenient. I spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon shopping at Walmart and suffering sticker shock. Once the shopping was done I went back to Denny’s for a late lunch and then crossed the border into Mexico.

Mexico has a green light, red light system and if you get the red light you get to go to the inspection area if you get the green light your free to go on your way. Lucky me with car full of stuff I got the green light and headed out of the border crossing station only to run into a detour. The problem with detours in Mexican cities is that they only have on sign and then your on your own. Not a good thing for me-sure enough I got lost. After asking several times and getting confusing directions I found my route to San Felipe. The drive back was uneventful until I got to the detours again and now they had been sprayed with water which made the road a mess and I had to endure the splatters of mud from oncoming vehicles and worried about slipping and sliding in the mud. I managed to stay on the road and got to the Military check point in good shape. Once I get to the check point I feel like I am almost home .

So another day another adventure comes to an end.

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