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The house in San Felipe Mexico … is done

All systems are in and working; fully functional kitchen and bath, cabinets are in place and look beautiful, the tile work in both the bath and kitchen look terrific. Now I am playing house moving stuff in and arranging things so I can cook and clean efficiently. I am busy making lists of things that I want for the house; lamps storage cabinets, wardrobe, desk/workstation, mirrors and more chairs. That will all come with time. So much has been done in what is a very short time for here.

I have been so involved with this project and now that it is completed, or as completed as any project is, I have to change my focus and consider my choices of interest other than the construction of the house. I am trying to be more social and the night before last I went to a small gathering of folks from Pete’s camp at a local restaurant and I got an invitation to movie night for ladies only at the home of one of the ladies attending the gathering that was last night.

This time of year there are fewer gringos living in San Felipe a lot of folks who own or rent homes here leave for the summer as it gets very hot and humid especially the months of July and August. The middle of September, from what I am told there begins a migration of gringos back to San Felipe and the social buzz begins in earnest. Those that remain through the summer hang out together more, to have a social life.

I have a few things that have been begging to be done like going to the dentist to fix my dentures and taking the dog in to the vet concerning a sore she has. Then there is shopping for a mirror for over the bathroom sink and other things for house. I should be busy for a while just doing the usual errands and care taking, maybe an exploratory trip or two to see more of the Baja (?).

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