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I’ve done it to myself again :(

I wish I had the hours and hours I have spent looking for something I have misplaced like Keys! I have spent the evening looking for a big ring of keys that I purposely made big so I could find them easier… well against all odds I have lost them!

I’ll have to back track for the last couple of days and see if I left them someplace like a store, restaurant, office, gas station or???

Because I lose the $&##&& Keys so often I have duplicates of most of the keys except for the mail box and the lower compartments on the RV, which in its self is a wonder that I was so clever…Ya Right :/

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Some days are bummers

This morning I got up early about 5;45 and had a very light breakfast and then watered the plants and trees. I fed the fur kids, made my bed, loaded the car with my laundry and took a rest. When I got up and began my trip to the laundry all was fine. It was when I crossed the highway that I knew something was wrong with the car. The motor raced and the I could see the RPMs rising quickly but couldn’t feel any acceleration of the vehicle. as soon as it was safe I returned to Pete‘s camp; fully expecting my car to stop and go no further at any moment. By keeping the speed low like 10mph I managed to get to the garage there where one of the mechanics I know had a preliminary look at the vehicle. The first diagnoses is the transmission is fried. The guys at the shop will have a better look at the car tomorrow and give me the final word. I think I know what it will be the transmission is a goner. To repair it will cost more than the car is worth so good-bye old car, darn this hurts the pocket-book.

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One of those getting old moments

Ever have one of those moments when you cannot deny that your life has changed ? Today I went to the plant nursery and bought a tree. The tree was to big for my car so the man there said he would deliver it to my house for a small fee and I agreed. To make a long story short he and his co-worker got to my house before I did and he had checked out my other trees I just bought from him and he had redone the tree wells around them to hold the water better. He wanted to know where the other tree was going and I showed them where I had dug a hole for it. The smiled and went right to work making the hole twice as deep and wide and had the tree in the hole and watered in just a few minutes. It would have taken me several hours and I wouldn’t have done as good a job! I realized then that my days of muscling through something were past I’m old and slow, not strong anymore. I feel a bit sad about that and a little fearful. I could always count on my body being able to work long and sometime hard when I wanted it to, but those days have faded away. Getting hold sometime just plain sucks!

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