Some days are bummers

This morning I got up early about 5;45 and had a very light breakfast and then watered the plants and trees. I fed the fur kids, made my bed, loaded the car with my laundry and took a rest. When I got up and began my trip to the laundry all was fine. It was when I crossed the highway that I knew something was wrong with the car. The motor raced and the I could see the RPMs rising quickly but couldn’t feel any acceleration of the vehicle. as soon as it was safe I returned to Pete‘s camp; fully expecting my car to stop and go no further at any moment. By keeping the speed low like 10mph I managed to get to the garage there where one of the mechanics I know had a preliminary look at the vehicle. The first diagnoses is the transmission is fried. The guys at the shop will have a better look at the car tomorrow and give me the final word. I think I know what it will be the transmission is a goner. To repair it will cost more than the car is worth so good-bye old car, darn this hurts the pocket-book.

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2 thoughts on “Some days are bummers

  1. Sorry to hear that! Been there done that! Hope its not what you think. Hoping for the best.

    • Thank you …. I am just a bit upset it was an old car and it really was driven by an old lady and I’m sure she never had the transmission fluid changed in the many years she owned the car. I’ll get over the loss and move on ….what else can you do?

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