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Thinking about returning to Mexico

I have to get serious about getting ready to go back to my home in Mexico. I have some work that needs to be done on this RV such as the much needed talked about Tires! I should have taken care of that some time ago but got all caught up in the home buying bug that I put off buying tires because it was a big purchase that would have to be explained to the mortgage funding gurus. Of course that turned into debacle and is coming to an end. I did make a foray to Camper’s World which is now owned by Good Sam the not an RV club business. I had to buy a Good Sam Membership to get a discount and seeing as I was spending several hundred dollars it was worth it. I just hate all the dame junk mail GS sends you and they sell your information and address to every Tom Dick and Harriet so get even more junk mail. This time I fooled them I put in a bogus address. I had to use the correct phone number and of course used my U.S. cell phone number that doesn’t work in Mexico so I won’t be getting any sales calls either. I am always dismayed by the prices at Camper’s World most of the stuff just seems over priced to me and some of it you can buy at Walmart cheaper and I do. Some things I can see as being costly as it is RV specific such as tow bars and safety stuff. The refrigerators are outrageous for what they are and the new ones seem to have a lot of dissatisfied customers. I just hope mine doesn’t go out, $1400 is a lot to put out for a small fridge.

I did order some put it together yourself furniture for the house in Mexico it should be here by Saturday and the good news on the earnest money is that I am getting that back although I have to pay for the inspections and appraisal, oh well, like Daddy said “it costs to get an education the problem is some of us have to keep on paying”.

I will get going tomorrow and go down to the tire store and set up an appointment to get the tires replaced the following day. Hopefully there won’t be any un-expected issues with that deal. I will be getting more and more intense as I get closer to my departure for Mexico. I always think of all the things that can go wrong on such a long trip and by golly sometimes they do like the last trip. Hopefully it will be a safe trip with no issues.

Maybe I will take some photos of the tire replacement thing. I doubt if it will be very interesting changing  tires is rather boring unless the tire guys screw something up then it could get interesting in hurry.

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