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Baja1000, Spanish and more plants

2007 Baja 1000

2007 Baja 1000 (Photo credit: Mark Hintsa)


2007 Baja 1000

2007 Baja 1000 (Photo credit: Mark Hintsa)


I have been busy, as usual, somehow I have a lot to do even though I’m retired. I have found a new Spanish teacher and I go to class almost everyday five days a week. I think I’m making progress although at times I’m at a loss for a word or words. I think this will help my Spanish; when I have learned enough I’ll take an intensive course for a few weeks were I will have to use only Spanish every day all day and live with a family where I will have to us Spanish while living with the family. After all that maybe I will be able to speak Spanish just well enough to get by.


On another note I’ve found another plant nursery thanks to my neighbors and I bought more bushes and trees. I bought two palm trees and two bushes and six petunias. I have planted all but one palm tree; that tree will get planted this week. The palm trees are for ambiance as they don’t give much shade. The petunias are for brighting up the place with some color. I’m hoping that the nursery will get some other flowers later.


This coming weekend will be the Baja 1000, many of the contestants have been here for a few days with many more expected. This is an exciting time here with lots of social activities and lots of noise including fireworks and music as well as the roaring of engines of the race contestants. Then they go home and all is quiet again.


My kitty has been showing her age lately. She spends most of her time sleeping and when she moves she is very slow and she cannot jump as well as she used to do. She is still a loving kitty and enjoys attention and purrs as good as ever. I will be heart broken when she passes on we have been together for a very long time about twenty years.


The weather has been very good here; last night it was a bit chilly and windy so I got to use the heating element in my A/C unit and it worked very well of course the heating element uses electricity so that will make the electric bill larger when we have a cold spell. How high the bill goes will depend on how cold and how long the cold stays.



Petunia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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