I Was Robbed !!!

I was robbed ! My wallet was stolen today ! I had to travel to Calexico to pick up my medications because my messenger service just could not do the job. I got to Walmart after stopping at the bank and I went to the automotive dept. and set up for my car to have the oil changed. I then went straight to the pharmacy and as luck would have it I had my medications I ordered over the phone waiting for me. I ordered another medication and paid for the first. Then went shopping for my other stuff later I returned to pay for my last remaining medication and noticed my purse felt light! Yup it was light alright it was missing my wallet!

The bad news is my wallet is gone so are my; driver’s lic., medicare card, social security card, Chase Credit Card, other ID’s etc. Also about $120.00. That is enough aggravation right there! Getting all that replaced is going to be a pain in the ass.

The good news? Was that all my other credit cards and cash were on me not in the wallet. I had gotten one of those new credit card holder that are called Alum-a-wallet and most of my credit cards were in it and it was in my pants pocket because I had just stopped at the bank to get cash. I put the cash in my pocket too. I put the Alum-A-Wallet with my debit card in my other pants pocket because I didn’t want to be fumbling in public putting cash away. The other money was in Pesos I had made a withdrawal the day before in Pesos(4000.00) and didn’t want to risk being stopped by some cop looking for his xmas bonus and demanding that I pay a fine seeing all that cash so I hid it in the car, when I got to Walmart I took it out of its hiding place and put it in my pocket just before the attendant came over to sign me up for service. Otherwise I would have been out a lot more money and in a lot more trouble.

Gee, I had to go to the States to get robbed ! Isn’t that something? I have already started the process to replace the other cards it is just going to be a big pain in the ass getting all those ID’s replaced. I did get my much needed medications and some other stuff at Wally World. However on the way back home I noticed my RPMs on my car are higher than normal I think the transmission is about to take a dump. I’ll check with my mechanic tomorrow. There goes more money ! Ya just have to go with the flow I guess.

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9 thoughts on “I Was Robbed !!!

  1. Barbara goodman

    Julia, I’m hoping for you and me that next year is better than this year. Keep your chin up, your a strong woman, like me, but shit happens. As always, I wish and pray for the best for you.

    • Thanks Barbara, I was surprised at how calm I was through this, I had taken some precautions but not enough ! From now on I’ll be even more careful and better prepared.

  2. Only question I have is why do you carry your SS card on you?? That should have been left in a safe place.. Hope things get better and nothing bad happens from the loss…

    • I was cleaning out my wallet(s) and the one I had the SS card in and my other stuff was falling apart and I was afraid of losing something. I needed my SS card for a loan application and when I went to the office I took it with me and never put it back in my card file. Not a good move. I am trying to figure out how to protect myself now that my SS card is out there. Also getting a new one may be a pain in the ass as I live in Mexico and dealing with SS from afar may not be easy. I thought I was being cleaver, but I was foolish on several counts.
      I have called Chase on my Master Card and they closed that account and opened a new account and will send a new card in a week or so. I went right over to Wells Fargo and started the process there of reporting my lost checkbook they have already closed that checking account and opened another checking account for me. I still have my other debit/credit cards so that is a good thing. But now I have to contact SS, Gov. Personnel Office, Army Retirement Office to have my ret. checks sent to the new account. I’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone and the internet.

      • Agave Band

        There is a Soc. Sec. office in El Centro

      • Truth is I was not worried about all your other cards or cash, that is a pain but really not that big a deal. SS Card is a whole different game, if I was you I would look into that Life Lock protection site http://www.lifelock.com/

        SS Cards have to much information if people know how to access it..

        I use a credit card watch just in case something happens, if I was ever to lose my SS card I would go to life lock at least for a year or two..

        Wishing you the best and hope nothing else happens..

      • Adele George

        So sorry to hear about this. We went to Europe to get robbed. The van was broken into in Germany. Nothing there but just a camera case. Ha Ha to them, they thought they were getting a camera. Robbed in Italy, right in front of us and we didn’t see a thing. This time they got my sister-in-laws purse with 2 passports, 2 plane tickets, travelers checks and other personal things. Went in and reported that and they said…oh that is a bad place to stop, lots of crime. Well how did we know. Plus my brother and sister-in-law had to buy 2 new tickets to fly home, the airlines said how do we know that is what happened. You will have to buy them. Oh it was a mess. Then my mother left her passport somewhere so we had to go to the embsay in France to see what they could do for us. We had a very nice time in spite of having an issue with about every country we wen to. Like you say, it is a pain. So sorry, but they didn’t get your large chunck of change. Look at it that way, plus you quickly shut them down so now they can’t get more.

  3. Signed up with Life Lock tonight got the whole package I’ll keep it for a year or two just to be sure.

  4. Adele,
    And to think I had to go back to the “Old Country” for my dose of crime! Sheesh!

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