Sometimes when your neck deep in a project you just don’t believe your making much progress. Today I took stock of how much I’v gotten done in only a few hours since being robbed of my wallet.

I have contacted and gotten my information corrected at;

U.S. Army

Civil Service

Social Security/Medicare

Health Ins. Co.

All three credit reporting Cos.


Chase M/C

Still to do are; South Dakota DMV, Mexican DMV, visit Soc. Sec. Office in California for new card.

If anyone notices something I missed please tell me so I can get it done quickly.

I went to Mexican DMV today and I needed a light bill and a medical exam, I got the medical exam by a doctor at a pharmacy no problem it is a certificate with a stamp and everything for $8.00.


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2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I skip a couple of days of reading web sites and I see you were the victim of a crime when your wallet was stolen, and the victim of several bureaucracies while trying to recover from the first crime. Yuck.
    Oh, Merry Christmas! BTW 🙂
    Hope things get better.

  2. Oh it has been Sooo much fun dealing with government agencies (not). Everything is complicated by the anti-terrorism laws, now we get terrorised by the gov. agencies that are too chicken shit to make a reasonable decision on their own without documentary back-up.
    Oh, merry christmas ! Someone is having one at my expense, nothing new there (sigh)

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