Sad news today

My neighbors came over this morning and told me the sad news that another neighbor had died suddenly at his home here in Pete’s Camp. I knew the man he was in his 80s his wife had died last year about this time and he had been, a bit lost and depressed. We were very friendly and shared many stories as we both had traveled to the same places but at different times. We both enjoyed europe and would tell each other of our travels and the places we liked to visit. I will miss him as he was a kind, gentleman, very well liked by all.

This is the third or fourth death here since I’ve been coming to San Felipe, that is only fourteen months ago. Seems that there are a lot of elderly people living here and they are passing on. Some die here suddenly like this gent, others have to leave for end of life care in the U.S.. Sad business to witness the passing of long time residents, some have been living here for decades. Of course this brings to mind that no one gets out of this life alive. This evening I had a private toast to this gentleman and let a tear or two wet my cheek  he was very kind to me. I  bid him a bon voyage to where ever we go after this life, if we go anywhere.

San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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3 thoughts on “Sad news today

  1. Sorry to hear of your neighbor passing. I believe it happens a lot in retirement areas. There are 3 large retirement/assisted living communities close to my house, and quite often we see paramedics and ambulances racing to those places. Guess that’s part of the dynamics of segregating older people into retirement communities.

    • Yes, your are so right. I lived in in Green Valley AZ and it was the same thing, at least once a week I would hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles pass my house and I knew someone awoke to a partner that was not responding, another words they were dead. Sad, but it is part of life. Is that an oxymoron ?

  2. Death is as much a part of life as birth. It gets much less respect though.

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