Windy and cold this am.

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification ...

Palm trees of unknown species. Identification is appreciated. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bird - Seagull enjoying the sunset

Bird – Seagull enjoying the sunset (Photo credit: blmiers2)

I got up about 0530 today as it was market day and the early bird gets her worm. I was on the look-out for a couple of things for the house and if someone showed up to sell them I wanted to be there and get it before another old bird did. So I was off into the early morning cold and wind. I didn’t find everything I wanted I did find two palm trees at a reasonable price, asparagus for dinner, tomatoes to go with the asparagus and some bird seed to entice the little birdies to my yard. I had a chat with some of the folks I know there and looked at the puppies for adoption. I didn’t find a puppy I fell in love with all they had were going to be big dogs and I am looking (sort of ) for a lap dog if I get one.

I have been thinking about doing laundry; 1) I have enough for almost two loads, 2) the Laundromat is a warm place today and would be nice to sit and read while the machines thrash my clothes clean. On the other hand I would have to go out into the cold and wind again and I don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll do the laundry tomorrow instead-what’s the rush?

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6 thoughts on “Windy and cold this am.

  1. Never a rush to do Laundry if it can be put off.. Made it to Mustang SP just before weather got real shitty. ( again )

  2. Barbara goodman

    I said I’d never do it again,,,,,but I did…….
    As you know I also lost my Lab Elsa this past October, missing her so much, a few weeks ago I started looking at Lab Rescue sites. Three Saturdays ago I went to meet a blind six year old female Lab,( had experience with blind dogs), sorry I didn’t connect with her, BUT, there was another blind female Lab who wouldn’t leave my side, not wanting to rush into the adoption, I went home and thought of nothing else all week. The next Saturday I went back to visit her, Lizzy, took her for a walk, took her home. It’s been 2 weeks of blissful delight, for both of us. Be both have had not so great lives these past few years so now we can give to each other.
    Totally in love…..thanks to Friends of Labradors in Oceanside, CA., (Catherine, a great lady).
    If your ready, I wish you luck on finding a new pal…..
    Woods n Paws,
    Barbara and Lizzy

    • OH, you are an angel to adopt that Lab she will give you so much love and you will, I know, give her love ! The whole scene just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for being such a good person who can see past the blindness and see the heart of a dog.

  3. Barbra, I have a 17 year old black lab that I adopted in 2001 from Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue in Phoenix Az. A great dog, she has a few health issues but we are dealing with these,

  4. I know your great love of dogs and they have been lucky to have been adopted by you and your husband.

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