Going North

Modern Social Security card.

Modern Social Security card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tomorrow. I am headed to the “Old Country” to get some shopping done and hopefully get a new Social Security Card to replace the one stolen. When I get the card then I can apply for a replacement driver’s license as well.


I have my own shopping list as well as a list of things to buy for neighbors. It is a common practice here to pick up items for the neighbors when going on a trip north. I will not get all my errands done in one day so I will stay over night and finish my shopping the following day. If I don’t get everything done by the afternoon of the second day I will stay one more night in the “Old Country” then return in the morning. I don’t drive at night in Mexico if I can possibly avoid it.

I get nervous driving north as it is a two and half hour drive and up to an hour in line to cross over into the U.S. and my vehicle is an old clunker so anything could happen on this long lonely drive and long waiting period to cross over the border. Then coming back to San Felipe it is a long lonely drive to get to my house in Pete’s Camp. So, I get a little nervous and watch both the road and the gauges and sounds in the car.





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