Back from the “Old Country”

The trip north went well, no problems with the car and with my most important mission; getting a new Social Security Card. The Social Security Office I went to in El Centro was very efficient and I was told I would get my new card in about two weeks. That is good as I need one to get my replacement driver’s license.


I did some shopping in COSCO for myself and a neighbor. I also bought some laminate flooring at Home Depot. At Walmart I did some shopping and was frustrated that even though I was told I could not order on line as they were only available at the stores, but the stores don’t stock the item either. Seems one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. I also found selection of other items either not available not in stock or just don’t carry the item anymore. My rating of choice in Walmart is POOR and Frustrating !


The Motel I stayed at in El Centro could be rated as basic, I would only stay there again if some other place was not available. The place is worn out and I had some respiratory reaction by morning where my sinuses and ears were stuffed up or blocked, a few minutes after leaving the room I was fine. I have no idea what was in that room, but it sure affected me. I will say the bed was comfortable and clean.


Now, I am back in San Felipe and getting back into my routine; seem silly being gone only two days, but there you have it.


The Imperial Valley below the Salton Sea. The ...

The Imperial Valley below the Salton Sea. The US-Mexican border is a diagonal in the lower left of the image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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