What we are doing today

Crack in fender needing repair

Crack in fender needing repair




Repaired and primed

Repaired and primed

Primed and ready for paint

Primed and ready for paint

The RV went in for some body work a crack and a scuff were repaired we are waiting on the right color paint to finnish the job.

Spring has sprung there are new buds on the trees and blooms on the bushes things are looking good.

Today I am minding a neighbor’s dog a cocker spaniel who is little cutie he likes me a lot and settled right in at my house while his owner is off doing business today at the Blues Festival. She makes designer gourds, pickles and jams. With all the noise at the Blues Festival she thought it best to leave her dog with me for the day. He is no trouble at all, very affectionate and for the most part calm.

Harold taking a rest on the couch

Harold taking a rest on the couch

Close-up of Harold my neighbor's dog, he is a sweetie !

Close-up of Harold my neighbor’s dog, he is a sweetie !

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6 thoughts on “What we are doing today

  1. Barbara Goodman

    He’s a cutie Julia. I’m now volunteering for Labrador and Friends in San Diego, Ca., screening applications for people to adopt rescue Labs., very rewarding. After loosing Elsa it fills the hole in my heart helping other Labs find a forever home.
    Woofs n Paws to ya…..

  2. Looks to me like your resolve never to get another pet is starting to slip…. and yes he is a cutie….

  3. Oh my goodness he such a nice little dog we went to the store to get some soda and he rode in my lap like he owned me 🙂 Then we drove to the beach to have a short walk on the sand then returned home for a siesta together … he is a doll. I’m still resisting getting another pet-someday another fur kid will capture my heart ’cause I’m such a softee!

  4. What a calm dog. Mine are calm, when they are asleep!

    • This little guy is calm even for his bred. He does like to play and run around the garden then he just finds a comfy spot and takes a break. He’s a love bug too, he just wants to be close to his human and get attention.

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