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Busy cleaning up after the haboob

All day today I was working on cleaning up the mess from the haboob (Sandstorm) the sand, dirt and dust is everywhere and it took hours to get it cleaned up. I know I’ll have to clean again several times to get it all. The window in my bathroom was not very tightly fitted and I had a pile of sandy dirt in my shower and dust all over the bathroom. Some of my plants have been smothered by sand and it will take me a while to uncover them and save them, I hope. Some of the neighbors lost some plants and trees and they were busy cleaning up like me.

Didn’t sleep well last night with the wind storm howling around the house and neighborhood. So I have been dragging around this afternoon as it seems my batteries are drained. Hopefully tonight I will get a good night’s sleep as I have a doctor’s appointment in the am to check whether the infection is gone or is still there. Hopefully the infection is gone.

I keep finding more dirt, damn, I hate spending time cleaning and then finding more dirt 😦

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