How Can I Be So Busy?

I’m retired and have no special schedule, yet I’m busy doing; stuff. Today I went for my usual walk after a light breakfast that took less than an hour. When I returned to the house I watered the plants and trees; most are doing fine. I pruned a few bushes to help them grow taller and took the trimmings and the household trash to the dumpster. Then I gathered up the laundry and the returnable bottles and made a trip to the laundry and dropped off the dirty clothes to be washed and folded. Then I proceeded to the store to return the empty beer bottles and purchase another case of beer. Sounds like I’m a big beer drinker doesn’t it ? The last time I bought beer was a month ago so the brewery isn’t getting rich off of me. Then I drove to town and met with some old gringos at my favorite restaurant for some serious discussions for a couple of hours. Next was a visit to the grocery store to resupply my cupboards with bread, veggies and other supplies. Next was a trip to my postal box-it was empty. I then continued to a neighbor’s store to get some special tea and a chat about how to import a car into Mexico which turned into a chat about a lot of other things.

I returned home to discover that the ice chest that the beer was in had leaked in the cargo compartment and I hat to unload everything and pull out the mat so the carpet could dry. I put the groceries away and made a late lunch, a salad, sort of poor man’s taco salad-it tasted good. Then I got on the internet and checked my email, face book and other accounts. I watched a little CNN until it bored me and turned it off. Then a little while later I got a visit from the new neighbors next door. The had problems with their electricity and wanted to use a plug of mine so they could clean up their RV and do a little work on their place until the electric folks come out and fix the problem.

So the day is done and I’m trying to figure out what to have for dinner tonight. Where did the day go? Oh, well tomorrow is another day and more of the same and that day will fly by too. So, the saying is true: Life is like a roll of toilet paper the closer to the end the faster the roll spins. 🙂

Oh yes the weather was another perfect day here little wind and about 80 degrees clear and beautiful sunshine. 🙂

Now that I’ve replenished the beer supply I think I’ll sit on the veranda and enjoy a cold cerveza ……life is good !

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Be So Busy?

  1. Sounds like a normal day when living in a stick and brick home…

  2. Yup just another day doing what has to be done 🙂

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