Ups and downs

A little adult beverage time

A little adult beverage time

Nice view eh?

Nice view eh?

I love this view

I love this view

For a few days I had the blues, it happens to lots of folks, I get the blues every once in a while and they go away. I don’t like having them as it puts a cramp in my life and takes up my energy and time. I’m over them now and back to my usual self.

I have been thinking about making some changes in my life; those changes are to sell my RV and get something smaller lighter and less expensive to maintain. I’m thinking that I’ll buy a pickup truck and then get an RV trailer to camp in when that occasion comes along or get a Van Camper. When I return north I’ll see what is available and go with it. Heck I just might get the pickup and see if I really want a camper.

I tried getting my South Dakota license replaced but it seems they want me there personally to get a replacement; that isn’t going to happen so I’ll just use my Mexican license instead which will puzzle the heck out of the State Police if I get stopped, but only if I have U.S. plates. Seems circumstances are pushing me more and more into being a Mexican every year. I can register and insure my Mexican plated car for less than I pay in the states and I’m insured there also by the same company that is based in California. That is puzzling to me but I see by the paper work it is true. I can drive in the U.S. on my Mexican license because I’m a Mexican resident and I’m driving a Mexican plated car. I’m assured, if needed, I can even rent a car in the U.S. using my Mexican license. Doesn’t sound right, but like most things these days the odd stuff is right.

I am waiting for my new fountain to be installed then I can take another trip to Ensenada Baja MX and look for a summer rental. I want to rent a house or apartment and get to know the area better, also it is much cooler there than on this side of the peninsula.

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3 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. A licence is a license… If it is cheaper then that is even better. Best of luck in all you are doing.

  2. I like the photo of you with the blue drink. Is that your drink when you are feeling “blue”?

    Most everyone has down moods from time to time.

  3. No that was before the blue period it was a margarita, I like mine without the salt. The blue glass was the bartender’s idea, the drink was delicious 🙂

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