Lovely Day

I thought today was going to be hot but I was fooled it is wonderful a light breeze about 80 degrees low humidity just comfortable as can be. I did the usual walk early this morning and I felt very well. I watered the plants and trees today and planted another tree, I hope it grows as it will give good shade if it does grow it is called a pepper tree here. The pepper tree looks to something like a dense willow when full-grown and they do get huge after a decade or so.

I had my contractor come by and check my house wiring; I swear I heard some pops and sparks, he couldn’t find anything wrong so I’m thought of as the crazy lady for sure. Maybe it is all in my head at least with a cement house I don’t have to worry about it burning down. He promised that there would be someone over on monday to start work assembling my fountain. I hope so but then again it is Mexico and do-do do happen or not happen as the case may be.

I watched a movie called No Reservations and loved it. It is a love story and I’m a sucker for a good love story. I recommend the movie especially if you have a love in your life. The movie tonight is Woman On Top, kind of loony tunes but very entertaining. I think there is a message there somewhere. Again I recommend it.

Tonight I’m looking forward to PBS English comedies, they are a hoot. Some popcorn an adult beverage and English comedies in front of the Telly.


Well, it is time for an adult beverage and a snack so I’m closing now hope to post photos of the fountain construction later.

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One thought on “Lovely Day

  1. A good day is a gift. Glad to hear you had one!

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