Still Waiting

I’m waiting now for the Title Co. to get back to me for the closing. I am eager to get all this done and get my man working on fixing the house then I can return to Mexico where I belong and visit my friends plant flowers eat at my favorite restaurants and get my nails done at my favorite salon. I also need a good long walk on the beach. To add to my chores I also am looking forward to getting my RV fixed by my Mechanic in San Felipe so I can sell it.

You see I have a master plan to fix the house here so it is nice and desirable have it long enough to (2 yrs) to sell and take the profits plus some of my savings and buy another place in Mexico. Mexico will never see the end of me if I can help it. I love my life there and enjoy my friends and neighbors like I have never have before in my life. Mexico is my home. I miss my little house so much.


DSCF3026 DSCF3130

Front gate and walkway

Front gate and walkway


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6 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Julia, the land baroness and real estate speculator 🙂

    I hope you do better than my investment portfolio has done lately.

  2. Bob Sutton

    Nice pictures of your house in Mexico. Looks like it could even be a villa somewhere in Italy. Good luck with your new place.

    Bob Sutton

  3. Italy … now there is another beautiful spot in the world 🙂

  4. Sounds like you have found a home in Mexico.. Hope someday I will find a place I want to call home, but for now the road is my home… You know I wish only the best for you..

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