In the garden


Today was gardening day. I pruned and cleaned up the garden getting rid of trash and stuff that has been destroyed by the sun and weather. The sun here is very strong and most things not made of something that can protect its self is destroyed in a few months of sunshine, add in the wind and humidity and poof it is trash in a few weeks.

So now things look neater and yet when I sit and look around I see things that need to be done but with my back still providing me with pain I’ll have to wait for another day to take of those issues. It seems I find excuses to go to town; I went in today to mail a letter and ended up shopping for some more food, seems I eat a lot. I got some fat hot dogs and I was surprised to find they were tasty when fried. I forgot the mustard so I used mayonnaise and sweet relish a good combination. I checked with my insurance agent in town and I’m good for a while yet. At least for my vehicles here in Mexico.

I had been invited to a party tonight there was supposed to be about sixty people there and with my back and my phobia about crowds I begged off. I sent a large chocolate cake in my place with my neighbors who went to the party. I’m home listening to Tele-Novellas on the TV. The purpose of the Tele-Novellas is to hear more Spanish and try to figure out what the actors are saying. Sometimes, I can figure the dialogue out and sometimes I get lost. Of course the Tele-Novellas are full of sex, love and passion things missing in my life.

I plan to take photos of the garden and house tomorrow and add them to this post later.

Now it is getting a later in the evening and I’m thinking of an adult beverage or two while enjoying the evening air

Here are the photos I said I would post today things are growing well. I will be planting more flowers soon so there will be more color and make the humming  birds and bees happy, me too.







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