Trip to the “Old Country”

Sunday I drove north to Calexico and El Centro California USA. The road north was interesting in that we had rain off and on for two days prior to my departure and I wasn’t to sure about the road conditions. The road north was good until I got to Ventana Canyon and there the construction began for five kilometers. Some places in this stretch were narrow and one had to be aware of the on coming traffic as a truck and car would find it hard to pass safely together. The road its self was muddy, bumpy and lots of puddles. The signage was lacking in some places so I wasn’t sure where I should be driving. I made the right choices and got through that five kilometers okay. The after that construction were five small detours off the road onto what was supposed to be hard pack, but was rocks and mud. These detours were because of bridge construction. Once through the construction the road was smooth and dry all the way to and through Mexicali.

Then came the wait at the border to cross into the US. The wait in my line was an hour and half on a Sunday. I was getting concerned as my truck was heating up and there was an odd sound when it was sitting still and in gear. I used an old trick of turning on the heater and opening the windows to dissipate the heat from the motor and it worked. Of course I couldn’t use the AC so it made the cab uncomfortable but bearable. When I got to the border the K-9 inspecting my truck to a liking to my front end for some reason and I had to open the hood for inspection. Of course there was nothing to be found, my best guess is that the neighborhood cat had slept in the engine compartment leaving a tantalizing odor to interest the dog. Just my luck to be housing a cat in my truck.

Once cleared at the border and picking up speed the motor cooled off and I could use the AC again. I paid a visit to Walmart and began the process of having my prescriptions filled, this was the main purpose of my visit. I had two prescription not filled and it was because my doctor’s office didn’t respond timely. I’ll get that taken care of when I go north in December. I stayed at Vacation Inn in El Centro it is not fancy and not expensive and if I needed to I could bring a pet or two.

The trip back home to San Felipe was uneventful. The construction area at the pass was still a mess and seemed to have a lot of traffic going north which slowed things down as we went through the narrow areas. Still I got home okay and I was happy to be in my little house safe and sound again. I and lots of other people will be pleased when the road construction is finished and we can travel smoothly and safely back and forth to Mexicali. Still no banditos, shoot outs or bodies laying about to scare people 🙂

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